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Writer's Block: Play it again, Sam

If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

NKOTB "The Block" - NKOTB is the only music I've been listening to since "The Block" came out 9/08! I saw them back in 1989 but I wasn't even half the fan I am now. "The Block" is excellent, and I haven't even listened to that kind of music in the past 10 years! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the album!!!

Third Video From "The Block"!!!

Jon confirms there will be a summer tour and the boys are shooting their third video from "The Block"! Woohoo! I hope they release "Don't Cry" but it's highly unlikely since it's not on the abridged album (it's on the deluxe album). I am guessing it'll be "2 In The Morning".


Own the bowl signed by recording group New Kids on the Block.  Danny Wood, Donny Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight and others signed the bowl at the American Music Awards to support Feeding America and their "Fill a Bowl, Feed America" campaign.

Remember that $1 provides 16 meals for a child.  Proceeds from the auction benefit Feeding America.  Special thanks to Dick Clark Productions, the American Music Awards and the Official Silver Spoon Gifting Lounge for their support.